* Ordering Cookies *

To place an order, simply email me at

When placing an order, please include the following:
  1. Type of Event
  2. What types of cookies
  3. Quantity of cookies (and if any particular colors)
  4. What date you need the cookies
  5. Whether your order will be picked up here in Ashburn, delivered or shipped (see below)
  6. Your name and contact information
  7. Payment information

Minimum Order
1 dozen cookies of the same design ($26 minimum order amount).

At least 2-3 weeks notice is required for all orders.

 Rush Orders: If you have a rush order (less than 2 weeks), please contact me to see if I can accommodate your order in the given time frame. There is an extra charge for all rush orders.


In order for us to reserve your date, payment is due at the time of placing the order.  Your payment guarantees a spot on my calendar.

We accept cash, checks and credits card payments.

Please make checks payable to:  Anjali's Designer Cookies, LLC.


  • Small (2"-3")              $ 2.20/cookie   or    $26/dozen
  • Medium (3"-4")      $2.40/cookie   or    $28/dozen
  • Large (4"-5")            $2.50/cookie   or    $30/dozen
  • Extra Large (5"+)    $3.00/cookie   or    $35/dozen

  • * The size of the cookie will be determined by the size of the cookie cutter.

    Colors (up to 5)                    no extra charge
    Colors (6+)                           15 cents extra/cookie
    Ribbon & Favor Tags        25 cents extra/cookie
    Personalized                        25 cents extra/cookie

    Cookie Bouquets
    Cookie Bouquets come in a specially-themed container with severe cookies on a stick
    Small (3-4 cookies)           $30
    Medium (5-7 cookies)      $40
    Large (8-10 cookies)         $50

    Unless otherwise specified, cookies come wrapped in clear cellophane wrappers.


    Pickup                                                                   free pickup
    Within 20 miles of Ashburn                        free delivery
    Beyond 20 miles (in DC Metro area)       delivery charges apply
    Outside DC Metro area (US only)             standard shipping rate apply

    Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling charges. Shipping charges will be estimated at the time of shipment.

    Delivery charge for deliveries beyond 20 miles of Ashburn, VA are 45 cents per mile.

    Since the cookies are  custom-made food items, I am NOT able to do any Refunds or Exchanges.

    When cookies are ordered requiring shipment, you are agreeing that I am not responsible for the condition of the cookies upon arrival.

    I do my absolute best to package the cookies very carefully to prevent breakage, however I cannot guarantee that they will arrive in perfect condition. I also have no control over the package being damaged, lost, stolen, etc.

    If you are not comfortable with that, you can either add insurance to the shipping or DO NOT place the order.  There will be no refunds due to breakage during shipment.

    Also, please double-check the address/contact information before sending it to us so that the cookies do not get sent to the wrong address.

    Thank you for understanding :)

    Allergy Note:

    At this time, the cookies are not baked in a nut-free environment, so if you any concerns about nut allergies, please do not order. Your health is important to me.